Mobile Banking

BIDC customers can perform online banking transactions easily, conveniently and securely at anytime, anwhere via BIDC Mobile Banking appliccations with internet connections ( 3G/4G/5G and WIFI).

Product Feature

Feature Description
Account Inquiry Account, Loan, Card mangement information
Transaction information
Exchange rate, interest rate of fixed deposit, deposit/loan interest calculation
ATM / Branch / POS address
Fund Transfer (24/7 instant transfer) BIDC interbank transfer
Domestric transfer to local banks: Fast Payment, Bakong
Transfer to Vietnam
Transfer to Bakong, eMoney eWallet
Payment Payment via Bakong system
Bill Payment
Phone top up, buying scratch card
Online Fixed Deposit Open online fixed deposit
Preclose online fixed deposit
Requirement Open current/saving account at BIDC 
Register for using BIDC Mobile Banking at BIDC’s counter or via eKYC register
Internet is required
Run BIDC Mobile Banking on IOS, Android with phone/tablet

You can install BIDC Mobile Banking by clicking the icon below to download and install application from Apple's App store, Google's Play Store

Hotline: ☎ +855 236 388 999 / +855 319 388 999


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Frequently ask question

  • What is BIDC Mobile Banking Cambodia?
    The application BIDC Mobile Banking Cambodia is the digital banking service installed on smart phones, tablets by BIDC provides personal customers to perform the banking financial transactions, non-financial transactions and perform other utilities
  • How to install and download BIDC Mobile Banking Cambodia?

    For iOS devices: Install from App Store

    • Step 1: Choose App Store icon on device screen.
    • Step 2: Enter “BIDC Mobile Banking Cambodia” in search box
    • Step 3: Press Install App
    • Step 4: Enter Apple ID personal account and corresponding password to install 

    You can also install on Apple store by click this link below

    For Android devices:

    • Step 1:Install from Play Store
    • Step 2: Enter “BIDC Mobile Banking Cambodia ” in search box
    • Step 3: Press Install
    • Step 4: Enter Google personal account and corresponding password to install

    You can also install on Google Play by click this link below


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