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Online Instant Loan against Fixed Deposit

Online Instant Loan against Fixed Deposit

Bank for Investment and Development of Cambodia Plc. (BIDC Bank) have just​ launched new feature Online Instant​ Loan​ against​ Fixed​ Deposit​ on BIDC ​ Mobile​ Banking for​ customers​ who​ need​ urgent fund in short-time​ without​ closing​ their​ Fixed​ Deposit​.​

The product is a suitable and optimal support financial solution on digital channel for the customers who need fund in short-time such as consumption, investment etc.

Now experience it with us!​

1. Benefits

Do not close the Fixed Deposit before the maturity date

Immediately disbursement within 01 minute

No processing fee, no paying off or parital loan repayment fee

2. Term and Conditions:

Condition Description
Currency USD/KHR
Borrower eligibility Customer shall meet all conditions below:

Have Fixed Deposit account

Register BIDC Mobile Banking

Loan purpose Personal Consumption
Credit facility type Instant Loan Against Fixed Deposit
Collateral Fixed Deposit with BIDC (opened via BIDC Mobile Banking only)
Repayment Any​ time​ before​ the​ due​ date​ of​ your​ Fixed​ Deposit​ used​ as​ loan​ collateral
Loan term The same as current FD maturity date (Principal and interest to be paid on the maturity date)
Loan amount

Minimum amount: 50.00 USD or 200,000 KHR

Maximum amount: 90% of FD amount but it doesn’t exceed 50,000 USD or 200,000,000 KHR

Paying off Allowed BIDC Mobile Mobile Banking only (no using the Fixed Deposit as fund to do)
Interest rate Plus 2% per annum of Fixed Deposit interest rate
Processing fee Waive
Loan settlement Method


Auto (Force) settlement on the maturity date

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