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 Dear customers,

In the past time, some evildoers take advantage of weakness to steal the customers’ user, password, OTP (control) to log in electronic banking channels to illegally appropriate properties. Therefore, to protect information and assets, to  help the customers avoid the risks as well as keep peace of mind when using banking services utilities, BIDC hereby recommends the customers to pay attentions to some of the followings:
1. Receive unexpected calls, text messages, email, news on the social network notifying any prize, to ask for receiving money from abroad, ... with instructions to receive such prize  by supply of user name, password, one-time password (OTP) , then they use the OTP and passwords to transfer money.
2. Receive unexpected calls, text messages from a person who self introduces as a bank officer or the competent investigator requires to supply personal information about the bank account or to provide information for accountability, or threatening.
3. Receive unexpected calls, text messages from a person who self introduces as a friend, relative who have not seen for a long time is facing with some difficulty to ask for urgent support by purchasing scratch card codes, transferring to the account number provided by that person.
1. NEITHER supply name, password to access the e-banking services, nor provide OTP, information on the card (both on the front, back), PIN to any object in any form, including bank employees or those calling and claiming as BIDC’s customer supporter.
2. NEITHER provide personal information relating to the account and electronic banking services such as customer’s name, ID number, account number, email address, registered phone number, the message contents requested by anyone unless customers proactive call to BIDC’s support number (+855 23 210 044 hoặc +855 23 671 6874) to request assistance or service registration.
3. NEITHER access unreliable sites, NOR enter your personal information and information on electronic banking services in any website or unofficial application of BIDC.
4. NEITHER place the saving mode for Internet Banking password and e-banking services on the public devices (multi-users), on a public computer,...
1. To prevent from access to the fake site, please ensure to log in correct website of BIDC by directly typing contents of http://www.bidc.com.kh/ on the address bar of browser. Then, you can log in e-banking services, and declare the information from this site. It is recommended not to log in the site for e-banking services from the link / address access which is available in the email or the websites of others rather  than of BIDC.
2. When you lose your phone, transfer sim phone to others or notice unusual transactions related to account, please immediately inform the bank by calling to either phone number: +855 23 210 044; +855 23 671 6874 or coming to the latest transaction offices of BIDC to change information or to temporarily lock the services subscribed with the Bank related to the phone number..
3. To install, regularly update anti-virus software, anti-theft information on the computers / devices to access the electronic banking access and exit the session immediately after complete the transaction.
4.  You should neither write passwords down on paper, or create easily guessed password such as your name, date of birth,... regularly change the password to access the e-banking services, e-mail (at least 3 months / time).
5. To register to receive the message of  the account balance change (SMS Banking) to increase safety for your account.
6. To read and comply with the regulations on safe transaction manuals to secure to use electronic banking / card services in a proper, safe way and in security.
7. To contact immediately to BIDC (via phone, email) to verify information when receiving calls notifying prize, suspect transactions from accounts / cards or for assistance and to exchange information with BIDC in case of any question, difficulty. BIDC’s official channels on support and customer care:
-          Via telephone numbers: +855 23 210 044 or +855 23 671 6874
-          Via email: info@bidc.com.kh or cardcenter@bidc.com.kh
Through BIDC’s official channels on support and customer care, to support treatments requiring the customers and consultants and supply of some banking products and services, please supply some personal information to identify BIDC’s identity such as customer’s name, date of birth, ID Card number, account numbers, email address, registered phone number, information about the transaction history account, login name…
BIDC wish you experiencing our safe and efficient services!