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Working capital loan

Working capital loan is a short-term loan product for the purpose of supplementing working capital for serve production and business activities.Through this product BIDC Bank stands side by side with customers to solve capital difficulties.

1.Loan information

Loan amount: Up to 300,000 USD
Loan currency: Real ; USD
Loan term: 12 months
Loan type: Overdraft (OD), Credit Line which drawdown many time.
Interest rate:  properly and competitive.

2.Loan Condition

Borrower of 18-60 years old 
Have the financial ability to ensure the ability to repay debt within a specified period.
Have a clear business plan
Collateral owned by borrower or a third party that   qualified with BIDC regulation.

3.Loan Documents

ID card / passport
Family book / residence book
Proof of business legitimacy
Detailed documents on the source of income to repay the debt
Collateral documents
Other relevant documents accordance with BIDC regulations

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