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BIDC Mobile Banking Cambodia application by the Bank for Investment and Development Joint Stock Company Cambodia and Campuchia Payment Solution developed(Cambopay), allowing individual customers to open an account at BIDC easily perform banking transactions on machines phone / tablet with an Internet connection (3G / WiFi).

Financial functionalities:


Account: View account balance(s), View transaction history and reports for account…

Transfer: Account Information Inquiry

Transfer inter bank by Fast System from Nation Bank Cambodia NBC

Open/Close Fixed Deposit Account

Bill payment : Internet Service Opennet..

Buy prepaid card : Metfone, Smart...

Transfer money via eMoney (Metfone)

View list of card ATM, Domestic card

Transaction history of card.


Non-financial functionalities:


Financial news: Exchange rate, Interest rate

Search locations: ATM/Branch/bank counter…

Search promotion location of POS

Finger login

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