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Trade Finance

• Issuance of Pre-advise L/C
• Issuance of L/C
• Documentary Collection
• Import Loan
• Advising L/C
• Negotiations under L/C
• Discount export L/C
• Transferring L/C
• Documentary Collection
• Confirmation of export LC
• Confirmation of export LC
• Settlement L/C
Shipping Guarantee:
• Issuance of shipping guarantee
• Endorsement B/L under LC
• Issuance of Bid/ Performance/Advance Payment Bonds
• Warranty


Benefit for Importer
- Easier to do business with unknown sellers
- A cost-effective and secure way to trade internationally
- Ensures that suppliers have met your terms and conditions before you pay them
- Strengthens your negotiating position by offering a guaranteed payment and it
helps importer to limit the risk from the exporter.

Benefit for Exporter
- Easier to do business with unknown sellers
- A cost-effective and secure way to trade internationally
- Prevent the risk from importer and importer country
- Our export trade specialists check the authenticity of Documentary Credits
(DCs) issued to you
- Allows you to start arranging shipment quickly
- Ensures that L/C reaches you within 24 hours of receipt from the issuing bank
- Can received money in advance after shipment and presented the comply
documents ( Discount LC)

 No  Type of Services Fee Cable
 01 Issuance Import LC  0.15%/month ( Min.$40.00 )   $40.00
 02  Settlement Import LC 0.125%/amount ( Min.$30.00 )   $20.00
 03 Advising Export LC  $30.00   -
 04 Settlement Export LC 0.15% / amount ( Min.$50.00 ) -



Benefit for Importer
- Enables you to receive goods before payment
- Eliminates the need for credit facilities if no bank finance is required on payment
- A simpler alternative to Documentary Credits
- Reduces payment risk for your supplier at minimal cost to you
- Gives you access to goods without delay
- Suppliers are paid as soon as your account is debited with no hidden interest
or payment delays

Benefit for Exporter
- Collection is a straight forward and less expensive mode of settlement.
- Payment is usually quicker compared to open account.
- Title to the goods can be controlled by the bank until buyer’s payment or
acceptance of the bill of exchange

 No  Type of Services Fee Cable
 01 Advising Inward Bill Collection $30.00  $20.00
 02 Settlement Inward Bill Collection 0.20%/amount (Min.$30.00)  $20.00
 03 Handling Outward Bill Collection $30.00 + Courier charge  -
 04 Settlement Outward Bill Collection 0.15% / amount (Min.$50.00) -