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Car Loan

Enhance your lifestyle by owning a Luxury Car is now easy, introducing BIDC Bank Car Loans that would change your dreams to reality. To become a car owner of your dream, BIDC Bankoffers Car Loans with reasonable interest rate.
·  Car loan is provided in US Dollar
·  Maximum loan term is 4 years
·  Loan amount:
*  Up to 50% of car purchased and the car purchased can be used as collateral.
*  Up to 75% of car purchased but customer must use land or house as collateral.
·  Insurance fee have to apply
Interest rate:
BIDC Bank offers interest rate with reasonable rate.
·  Cambodian whose age from 18 to 55 years old
·  Cambodian citizens with identity card
·  Foreigner whose married with Cambodian (married certificate required)
·  Regular income and creditworthiness
·  Meet a schedule of regular payment
·  Get your dream car
·  Schedule payment provide the amortization (gradual reduction)
·  Can pay off before maturity date

Note: For further information and requirements please contact to our Individual Customer Relation Department, or our Call Center for our service.


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