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MiniGame: You win a Toyota Raize – I win 150$

MiniGame: You win a Toyota Raize – I win 150$

MiniGame: You win a Toyota Raize – I win 150$

Bank for Investment and Development of Cambodia (BIDCBank) officially opens the MiniGame "You win a Toyota Raize - I win 150$" from November 21, 2023 until 15:00 November 29, 2023 with amazingly attractive prizes for those participating in predicting the result of the special prize in the promotion program "Deposit Sooner - Gift Bigger".

The mini game "You win a Toyota Raize - I win $150" runs with extremely simple rules and offers many valuable gifts. Please update BIDCBank's Fanpage via https://www.facebook.com/BIDCBankCambodia?mibextid=LQQJ4d to not miss opportunities to win valuable rewards.


  • Mini game’s Rules:

Step 1: “Like” facebook page “BIDCBankCambodia”

Step 2: “Like” and “Share” the post “MiniGame: You win a Toyota Raize – I win 150$” on public mode.

Step 3: Leave a comment with a lucky code DG0xxxx (xxxx from 1001 to 3720) and tag three friends to participate + hashtag #BIDCBigPromotion

Example:  DG03565 @friend1 @friend2 @friend3 #BIDCBigPromotion


  • Prizes (23 prizes):
  • 01 1st prize: 150 USD
  • 01 2nd prize: 100 USD
  • 01 3rd prize: 50 USD
  • 20 motivational prizes: each 20 USD.


  • Other Tems and Conditions:
  • Only comments before 15h00 29/11/2023 are eligible.
  • Facebook account of the participant has at least 100 friends and is on public mode
  • No clone Fb account is acceptable
  • The participants’ profile information is on public mode (visible to everyone)
  • Edition to the comments is unacceptable
  • Only the first comment out of the two or more comments of participants is considered eligible.
  • Only comments follow the rules and meet above terms and conditions are deem fully eligible.
  • Organizers will contact the winners to confirm the reward sending information.
  • In all cases, the decision of the Organizers is final.


  • Note:
  • The winners: BIDC will choose 23 winners with their prediction exactly or closest to the result of the Special Prize – promotional saving program “Deposit Sooner – Gift Bigger” (will be determined in 3rd lucky draw – at 16h00 November 29th 2023 at BIDC. More details please visit: https://www.bidc.com.kh/.... ). In case of 2 or more people with the same prediction, the priority rules will be applied as following:
  • The one who leave comment earlier;
  • The one who has lower prediction to the result.

Example: The special prize result is DG02000. Person A predicts DG01997 at 11:00 a.m. on day XX, person B predicts DG02003 at 10:30 a.m. on day XX => Person B wins as he left the earlier comment. In case both A and B make the same prediction at 10:30 a.m. on day XX => Person A wins because he has the prediction at the lower limit (2nd priority).


Don't forget to follow BIDCBank via https://www.facebook.com/BIDCBankCambodia  to update results and participate in other mini games with many attractive gifts!


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