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BIDC-Bank awarded a Toyota Raize 2023 car to a lucky customer of Takhmau Branch

BIDC-Bank awarded a Toyota Raize 2023 car to a lucky customer of Takhmau Branch

BIDC-Bank awarded a Toyota Raize 2023 car to a lucky customer of Takhmau Branch

On December 6, 2023, BIDC held an awarding ceremony for lucky customers who won the 3rd round - also the last round, in the promotional saving program “Deposit Sooner – Gift Bigger".


The "Deposit Sooner -Gift Bigger" promotional saving program is deployed by BIDC in Cambodia from March 20, 2023 to November 20, 2023 with a total prize value of nearly 200 million Riel for all individual customers opening term deposits at BIDC via BIDC mobile application and at the counter. Customers have the opportunities to win Toyota Raize car, Honda Click motorcycles and dozens of other attractive cash prizes.

On November 29, 2023, BIDC organized the third lucky draw and identified 14 lucky customers to win prizes including 01 special prize of 1 Toyota Raize 2023 car, 01 first prize of 1 Honda Click 160cc motorbike and 12 cash prizes ranging from 230 USD to 2300 USD.

The most valuable prize of the program, the Toyota Raize 2023 car worth nearly 30 thousand USD, went to customer Um Sambaur of BIDC Takhmau Branch. Mrs. Sambaur opened a saving book at BIDC Takhmau Branch and received the coupon number DG01787 and was very lucky to become the owner of the highest prize of the program.

At the award ceremony on December 6, 2023, Mrs. Um Sambaur said that she was consulted by BIDC marketing staff to open a savings book at BIDC Takhmau Branch and was very surprised when the bank announced that she had won the special prize. She added: "Over the time of using BIDC products and services, I see that BIDC bank's services are very diverse and have many incentives. There are many transactions that can be performed online right on the BIDC SmartBanking application without having to go to the counter, fast and convenient for busy people like me. And I also learned that this promotional saving program can also be done by depositing money online via the BIDC SmartBanking application. In addition, the way BIDC conduct to determine the lucky winners also makes me very satisfied because of their openness, transparency and bringing random luck to customers."

Through the promotional program "Deposit Sooner -Gift Bigger" and awarding ceremony to lucky customers, BIDC once again affirms its continuous efforts to provide professional, quality services to meet the needs of customers but also have many incentive programs to express gratitude for customers' loyalty and companionship.

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