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Business loan for Small and Medium Enterprises

The present government has also put much emphasis on the development of Small and Medium Enterprise sector considering if as the driving force for industrialization. Therefore, Bank for Investment and Development of Cambodia Plc (BIDC) was established to providing financial services to Small Medium Enterprises to support their expansion plans.

To meet customer requirement, BIDC is happy to discuss and providing customer with the amount of loan the customer’s needs.
Currency Type, Loan amount, Loan Term, Fee
· Currency Type : UD Dollar
· Loan amount : USD 10,000.00 – USD 300,000.00
· Loan term : 1 year – 5 years
· Fee : 1% - 2% per year
· Interest rate : Competitive interest rates and interest calculated on reducing balance.
· Be a moral and good Characteristic
· Have own residential address
· Have own legal business
· Provide property as collateral for the loan
· Willing to pay back to bank
· Have own capital of 30% at least