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Term Loan

Whether you are expanding your business, buying your premises for office use or looking for a loan to fund working capital, we are happy to discuss your requirement and providing you with the amount of loan your business needs.

Purpose : Working capital, Long term project to expand business
Currency : USD, KHR
Loan amount : Maximum 70% of total collateral value
Loan term : Short Term (less than one year)

Medium-Long Term ( more than one year)
Interest rate : 10% p.a
Installment : Pay interest only
Interest : Every month on 25th
Principal : Maturity date of each LD
Processing fee : 2% of loan amount
Grace period : No
Disbursement : Base on customer request, must have invoice, customer can request to pay each LD before maturity date but cannot disburse it back.
Renew loan condition: Pay off each LD
*** Interest and fee charges can be negotiate with VIP customers and Big amount loan

Required Documents:
} ID or Passport of all shareholders
} Letter of Incorporation (Ministry of Commerce)
} Registration License (Ministry of Commerce)
} Company Memorandum and Article
} Patent License
} Company Profile
} Financial Statement (Balance sheet, Profit & Loss, Cash Flow) at least three years, that recognized by the auditors
} List of Inventory
} Bank Account Statement (with BIDC Plc or Others Banks)
} Business Plan (if any)
} Collateral Title Deed(s): land(s) or house(s)
} Photos of mortgage collateral (land-house)
} Property Valuation Report
} Photos of Business Location
} Minute of Boards’ Resolution to appoint the representative who can duty act on behalf of company (Borrowing)
} Purpose for Loan
} Rent Contract (If any)
} Other Contract or Document (If any)