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Housing Loan

BIDC Bank Housing Loan is invariably long term. The properties itself serve as collateral (security) or other properties can serve as collateral for the loan. Individuals who sought funds to finance house purchase, BIDC Bank Housing Loan provide you up to 70% of the house purchase price with a competitive interest rate and fast approval.
·  Housing loan is provide in US Dollar
·  Maximum loan term is 13 years
·  Maximum loan amount is 70% of house value
·  Minimum loan amount is USD 10,000
·   Insurance have to apply
Interest rate:
BIDC Bank offers interest rate with reasonable rate.
·  Individual who age from 18 to 55 years old
·  Cambodian citizens with identity card
·  Foreigner who married with Cambodian (married certificate required)
·  Regular income and creditworthiness
·  Meet a schedule of regular payment
·  Schedule payment provide the amortization (gradual reduction)
·  Can pay off before maturity date
Note:For further information please contact to our individual customer relation department, or our call center for our services.
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