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Launching Housing Loan Promotion with BOREY PENG HOUT



(Launching Housing Loan Promotion with BOREY PENG HOUT)

Bank for Investment and Development of Cambodia Plc. (BIDC Bank), have the honor to announce launching housing loan promotion with BOREY PENG HOUT, implemented at BIDC Head Office and all branches in Cambodia with the following content:

1.     Promotion subject: On the occasion of welcoming the New Head Office, customer who buying house in BOREY PENG HOUT and apply housing loan with BIDC Bank will get special interest rate and benefits. 

2.        Interest rate and loan term:

-       Interest rate for the First year: 6.99% per year.

-       Interest rate for the Second year: 7.50% per year.

-       Interest rate from the Third year onward: 8.50% per year.

-       Maximum loan term: 15 years.

3.     Condition:

If customer pays off or pay apart within:

- In First year penalty 3%.

- In Second year and third year penalty 2%.

- From Fourth year penalty free.

4.     Promotion period: From 01/11/2020 until 31/01/2020 or until new announcement.

5.     Other terms and conditions are applied.

For more information, please contact or visit our nearest Branches and offices in Cambodia.

Thank you!