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Message from The Chairmain


The business environment in Cambodia in 2014 was moderately favorable, especially in the first 6 months due to socio-economic instability occurring after the election of 2013. Like other banks in Cambodia, the business of BIDC was also affected and some business objectives which BIDC had given at the beginning of the year faced with so many challenges

In the circumstance, the Board of Directors of BIDC has regularly discussed to set out the measures to adapt to the uncertainty, changes in the business environment. With the orientation of safety, stability, long-term business in Cambodian market, the Board of Directors has directed the Board of Management to secure BIDC to apply the right executive measures in all time. Accordingly, BIDC’s operations in 2014 have basically gained the targets pointed out by the Board of Directors with the following results:
·         The indicators on the scale of continual growth: total assets, gross mobilized capital, outstanding loans increased by 20.5%, 24.6% and 16.8%, respectively in the end of 2013.
·         BIDC’s asset structure was continually stable, complying with NBC’s regulations on payment rate, liquidity, credit quality under the control
·         The products and services which have launched to the market were more and more diversified, meeting the needs of many customers in Cambodia.
·         The workforce was further improved with the strong increase in both quality and quantity of local officers. The Bank has paid more attention to training to create a friendly working environment with fair competition to encourage the workers to dedicate further. 
In the process of implementing business activities, the Board of Directors, the Board of Management of BIDC always are always fully aware of the progress and listening the customers’ comments and contributions, readiness in face with challenges, limitations to strive for renovation and gradual perfect. 
2015, following the successes of 2014 and earlier years, BIDC continues to build the business strategy towards stability, safety, fully meeting the standards set out by NBC, deeper integrating into Cambodian economy, expanding local client foundation, researching and continuing to expand the network in potential sites. BIDC continues to invest in information technology, facilities to confirm its long-term business investment strategies in Cambodia as well as to become the leading commercial bank in Cambodia. BIDC will also continue to promote the role of a bridge for investment and trade cooperation between Cambodia and Vietnam. We believe that, with the support and strict control of NBC, BIDC’s operations in Cambodia are more and more growing, successful in the coming years, contributing significantly to the cause of coming economic development of Cambodia 
Representing the Board of Directors of BIDC, I would like to express our gratitude to all BIDC’s customers who always go with us in the past time. BIDC hereby is committed to be side by side with such loyal customers who have shared our difficulties and to provide the consultancy on solutions to the customers to push our business. Also, I would like to thank the staff, officers, the Board of Management for their dedication, devotement for the common goal of BIDC. I hereby believe and hope that BIDC will always be the joint home for BIDC’s staff and officers who are dedicated and make their best efforts to build it more and more solid in their best abilities.
Le Kim Hoa